Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Water is flirtatious

*Cue some sexeh musak*
'Hey baby..... you want me, I know you do?'
Water, stop flirting with me! you are outrageous!

I've been absent, I had a cold/flu virus, I wouldn't recommend it, it was pants.

My second actual day out, Missy had an appointment with the Orthodontist, she gets a double whammy of braces in 2 weeks, she knew it was coming, she inherited mine and Mr F's teeth.

The Bombed Out Church, such a romantic and whimsical name favoured by late night snoggers and those having a takeaway in the wee hours 

(I forgot to mention about Helga's Cathedral @ Helga Von Trollop which inspired me to mention this)

Missy is absent from the pics as she was in her school uniform, poor thing has come down with the virus, she was a bit wobbly so was flung in to Fast Food heaven (for kids), I had a small coke because I am a rebel (actually I don't trust the food in my 44 year old stomach)

At some point when Art Friday resumes I am visiting here, The Bluecoat Chambers

Sadly red lipstick and runny noses do not mix, as I am attempting 'very serious Mum talking about braces' I didn't want to do it with a red grotty smeared face (why am I doing a selfie in the toilets??)

I had a discussion with myself before I left 
I needed to wrap up
I didn't want to
I suppose I won
When I got back my beloved red lippy went back on.

Mr F doing man type manly things, so I like to watch ( leaky washing machine, it was at this point I suggested it may be the filter on the front, I am soooo helpful!)

I am not a fan of food waste, so my bunch of coriander has been whipped up with olive oil, garlic, chilli and basil.  To go on some meat in a couple of days.

pink coleslaw

I hope you are all well, thank you to Anna at http://mondoagogo.wordpress.com/ who offered me technical support and help with my blog layout, how blooming lovely!! 
Missy's knee is healing well, thank you for all your kind words.

See you soon!!



  1. That first picture of you is a winner. The glasses are very stylish.

  2. That's a posh dentist, look at the fanlight and door, lovely! Cool bombed out church too.
    Oh dear, it's been a poorly household then, that's not good. Hope everyone is recovering. You certainly don't look ill, you look gorgeous, whatever the snot/lippy situation!
    Mr F being manly, that's good. And using up leftovers, also good. Blog friends helping out, that's even better!
    PS. The Co-op certainly used to sell clothes, though I have no idea if they still do... I remember having a pair of groovy blue Co-op sandals in the mid 1970s! xxx

  3. That coleslaw looks bloody delicious! What is in it? I agree, water is flirtatious. It is at times cheeky and saucy too! The waves here have been known to knock the bikini top and bottom off a person if they are not careful. Raunchy risqué water, I'm on to you! Sorry you haven't been well - you still look fab if that is any consolation! XXX

  4. Fantastic pictures Sandra! Kisses.

  5. There's something about bathrooms that incites a crazy desire to snap a selfie ... Facebook seems to be full of the bathroom selfie ... I'm going to put it down to all the mirrors.
    Oh I do like to see a man doing manly things ... Hubby changed a light bulb the other day ... and I was quite overcome ... just imagine how it would be if he took the rubbish out ;0)
    Hope the entire household has a clean bill of health very soon.

  6. I need to get me to Liverpool, the architecture's fabulous! Sorry to hear about the house of sickness, have you painted a cross on the door to warn off the postman? More of that fabulous home-made food will soon have you all better, I'm sure! xxx

  7. I hope you're feeling a bit better now? It's crap being ill. You look fantastic in each of the photos, though. Loving the mix of mustard and grey! I feel for your poor daughter getting braces. I had them in my teens and I remember how painful and traumatic the experience was. It was a waste of time for me, as my bottom row were crooked again within two years of taking them off. I blame my tiny mouth. Lol. xx

  8. Sexy music. Uh huh. You look so cute in the biffy.

  9. Ha! I love your photo in the toilet!

    Hope you are all better now : )


  10. Wonderful pictures Sandra, especially the first one ! hope you are feeling better soon my dear ,best wishes and love Les xxx

  11. I very much like the bombed out church, I would like that in my back garden, or maybe over the fence in the school, there is more room. Hope your snottyness is drying up and you and the little one are feeling better. You still looked very gorgeous!!

  12. I like your mustard yellow coat! Wish I could get away with that colour near my face but it doesn't suit me like it suits you. There's a bombed-out church in the City of London which has been turned into a garden (another one that was nicer before everyone knew about it!) Anyway, email me about that logo! I have a couple of ideas but it's for your blog so you should decide what you want :)

  13. I didn't really follow all of this, but I laughed anyway! Especially about the talking to yourself, and you won. And you still look good even with a runny nose and subdued lipstick.

    But I think you need a new orthodontist if Missy's KNEE hurts after an appointment.

  14. Another flu, so crappy! I had it too though :-( how come do you look so good? I'm all swollen and cracked, and I can't wait to rock my orange lipstick! Nighty night doll
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  15. Hope you get better soon! I am interested in the Bluecoat Chambers...so looking forward to your Art Friday posts in the future. I see your orthodontists office's are similar to ours.....nice.

  16. gawd i love your selfies toilet or not! good luck with the braces and cold recovery! cat wait to see more friday art! x

  17. Sorry you've had the lurgy - everyone down here seems to have it too. Luckily, fingers crossed, it seems to have passed me by.

    You look fab with or without lippy and I seriously think yellow is your colour! Ha ha - taking selfies in the toilet - brilliant!

    Bloody washing machines. Mine packed up recently. Not sure how I ever managed without one when I first left home.

    My daughter had a brace in her early teens, she loved it (she was going through a trendy geek phase)

    I love seeing old architecture, I have some photographs of all the derelict old Gothic churches around here, I will definitely blog them some time.

    Have a fab week xx

  18. Everyone has been sick me included, I hope you are feeling better, you look fit as a fiddle! When I am sick I CRAVE burgers BIGTIME!

  19. You always make me giggle!!!
    O, there is some sickness going about allright...bleurgh, it does play havoc with one's glamour!!!

  20. Bonitas fotografias, estas muy guapa con la chaqueta amarilla. Besos

  21. water is indeed flirtatious. Too bad I can't swim!

  22. Have a lovely weekend princess :-)

  23. That water flirts with me too! Hope everyone is feeling better. And that the braces aren't too painful!! xx

  24. Having the flu is the worst. "Water is flirtatious" is the best.

  25. You are very funny! :)) And I loved the photos of your city! Gorgeous place.


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