Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The evolution of an outfit

Hello there! I hope you are well and the weather is a little more clement.

Firstly I would like to introduce you the right of my blog!!
After a long crappy shift on Sunday in work then ironing then mending a school cardigan and a P.E shirt (seriously?? I'm freaking Cinderella hahaha!!)
I went to blog visit
And saw her/me.  Then freaked Mr F out.  Because I was speechless and doing pointy fingers at the screen whilst looking at him eyes wide and gob open......perfectly reasonable response to AWESOME-NESS!! Thank you Anne

Where the is Yin there is Yang
My Mum sent this down on Friday for us
My Mum sends lots of things
I say 'send' like a parcel
we live about 10 minutes from each other

I CAN'T HULA, I can't flaming hula
my shins are shredded as that's where the hoop lands
 it seems  jerky and puffy hip movements are wrong, it needs to be smooth
my Mum suggested as I am left handed I need to do it counter-clockwise
no success, just more shin banging, I am determined to do it

can you hula?

****whilst going over my grammar and probably missing all of the error's, I decided to have another 6 tries, I confirm I still cannot hula ****

Taking part in share-in-style and with Anne (see link above) is something I rather like doing, of course the first time sharing takes a little bit of moxy, but I like that my wardrobe is a place of opportunity/disaster, depending on my decisions.
I have linked in with Anne, see above for the 52 pick me up: 10's (1910's or 2010's)

Work yesterday
I wanted simple 

Today I wanted colour
but, for the life of me, I could not get it right
...........needs a belt

don't like the beige......

not sure on black.....

hair isn't right.....

the camera is playing up......

not happy with the pin-curl .....

In the end I gave up
what do I do?
Do I post?
well yes, because this is life
sometimes it works 
sometimes it doesn't.............
and it's only an outfit, no biggie

And as there has been some serious glove modelling here AND faux fur collar action
I'm exhausted

I need to reflect and learn
well, not really!

I just need to remember to stop walking out of the house with my dress tucked in my pants
(yes, the other day, again!)



P.S. Blogger comment is being a massive pain in the bum, I haven't been able to comment on some blogs, I am sorry about this
I am blowing rasberries at you Blogger


  1. Wonderful post again , love the outfits, love the drawing of you Sandra isn't she clever doing that , love and kisses Les xxx

    1. Thanks Lesley, Anne is a very talented artist, and I was utterly thrilled! x x x

  2. You are pure fun, beauty and style flair.

    1. Thank you for your lovely words Sacramento! x x x

  3. Ahhh, the often arduous and painful evolution of an outfit. Am so glad I'm not the only one that has to pull everything out of the wardrobe to pull together an outfit. Congratulations on your gorgeous illustration - how fantastic! XXX

    1. Thanks Brooke, and yep, those blooming outfit ideas I have in my head don't always translate! x x x

  4. You are perfectly perfect!! I cannot Hula, and haven't been able to do so since a child. Someone told me that only virgins can Hula? Imagine if that was true, quick throw that Hula at your girls!!! I once learned to take gloves off all lady like as my friend and I were sent to a dress and deportment course by our fathers. Still have the certificate to prove it too!! I also know how to put up an umbrella in a crowd, and not once have I left the house with my dress tucked in my knickers. I forgot to say, you have amazingly perfect eyebrows. That is all, enjoy your day and do a bit of relaxing it is very good for you says the expert here who is a fully fledged diploma holding relaxer from way back!!

    1. Oh Sue! I love this! how do you put up an umbrella in public? I don't use them as I fear injuring people, we could have a 'Deportment by Sue' lesson, I need as much help as possible! I am reclaiming my virginity though haha! I hula'd for 20 secs the other day!! my eyebrows thank you and have an excellent weekend! x x x

  5. I cannot hula … I have never been able to hula … I have finally accepted that I will NEVER hula.
    By the way, I cannot and have NEVER been able to cartwheel either … sob … life is sooo unfair.
    I think I like the black faux best … and the pin curl is a delight … a pure delight :0)

    1. After kidney bruising and muscle damage I have hula'd for seconds, there is hope and medical attention available,haha! and cartwheels ha! I could cartwheel-esque-ish-kind of, and it was most unattractive! x x x

  6. Wow, what an amazing illustration of you! It's very much deserved! I have plenty of days where nothing quite matches, but you still look fabulous. I think some lilac or lavender would look beautiful with that dress. xx

    1. aw thanks Louise, and I rely on the eyes of others in these outfit mis-hap situations! x x x

  7. I've noticed some weirdness with Blogger, too, although I have been able to comment. Very irritating since Google has us by the short and curlies.

    Yes, you post the pictures knowing that they can't capture all the fabulousness that is you in real life 3D surround sound. But you still look lovely, and movie-star-esque with the faux fur and those amazing glasses (I want some too!!). And Anne's drawing of you is one of her best, after the one she did of me of course.

    I was pretty good with the hula hoop back in the day. I bought one a few years ago for exercise and I still had the moves, but I found that it hurt my knees - there's a lot of side movement. I don't have the hula hoop anymore...

    1. Thanks Val! though I seem to be unable to move sideways, it's an unattractive thrusting forward and back movement, it strikes fear in the Mr and laughter from the kids, its like surreal hula twerking *shudder* x x x

  8. oh wow that illustration is really soooo beautiful! and i love your photos, you are so positive and you always make me smile, i adore your poses i need some classes from you;) no one else models gloves and fur collars so great as you!

    1. Thanks Mary Lou, it really did take my breath away! I.m so glad you like it here, once I learn to 'Smize' (Tyra Banks) there should be no stopping me hehe!! x x x

  9. Coming here makes me happy Sandra, you're such a positive person! I like both the work in progress and the final look. When you try on too many options, you end up not linking any. Let me tell you you look fab with gloves and fur. Plus, today I realised (at the office) that I was wearing my blouse inside out. White chocolate candies to you! Love,
    Coco et La vie en rose
    Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
    Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

    1. You always say such lovely things! thanks Coco, and I'm glad it's not just me with the wardrobe malfunctions! yum candies too, let's share! x x x

  10. Love the illustration and the outfit! And your modeling poses are delicious! I can hula (I think), but haven't in so many years that I'm not so sure. That blue on the dress is great on you, btw...

    1. Thanks Sonia, I fear my poses are out of control though haha! I think hula is like riding a bike, you would pick it up again in seconds! x x x

  11. I think i could hula! but i will not try it, i prefer yoga, much, much safer!
    I like your glove posing! but you know what that smile of yours is what is best!

    Have a good weekend!


    1. I think you are right with yoga, much safer! and thank you for your lovely comments! have a great week Arianne x x x

  12. It's a fab sketch by Anne - you know you've arrived when your get Spygirl-ed AND Sacramento-ed!
    Oh outfit evolution - sometimes we get beautiful creatures, perfectly adapted and glorious,, sometimes we get a dodo. You look gorgeous at any and every stage of evolutions, Sandra!
    I can't hula, my eldest daughter is a champ at it, and I cannot for the life of me do what she does. Oh well.
    Hoe the dress stayed out of the pants today, love! xxxx

    1. Oh my goodness, it certainly is thrilling (Spy-girl's and Sacramento'd)!!! I still can't quite believe it!
      I have now mastered several seconds on the hula, but sadly an un-natural sight for all, the younger ones are certainly naturals! and yes to no more dress malfunctions, there is a mirror in the hall for goodness sake! must check at all times x x x

  13. I adore all your outfits!
    Thank you for bringing Dress in Knickers back in style.

    No, I can't bloody hula either :(

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend xx

    1. Haha! I love it!! you would think a cold gust would alert me to these things!! have a great week Yvonne x x x

  14. You are just so glamorous! Now I want hula-hooping in fur photos!

  15. I can't Hula. I love both the outfits, you're looking fab... Off to Nosey at Spygirl now xx


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