Friday, 31 January 2014

Gothic, but toned down......a lot

Firstly I would like to say a big Thank You for all of your lovely comments and kind words! I have decided to no longer attend 'Art Appreciation'  and I am moving a lot of my cull to the attic and the rest to the Charity Shop. To be done on Monday.

Friday is still my Art Day, I hope you all don't mind.
Be warned, this post is one of my biggest, flee now if you want! it's ok!

Val formerly Late Blooming Sparkle now Muse Fondue
suggested the Lady Lever in Port Sunlight
Blooming great idea, we went on Monday

So much Fabulous! I focus on this lovely lady
Andromeda by William Etty
he had a thing for the female nude apparently
he attempted to make her classical by painting chains on her

I like balance so here is Etty's very occasional male study

and a more classical example of Andromeda by Clouis Delacour
'Writhing in fear and anticipation'
Mr F explained about metaphor
So, is it a metaphor for sex?? if so, Art has LOT'S of metaphor's for sex
there are a lot of snakes around women, and a lot of 'fear'

I find old mirrors interesting 
how many people over the centuries have looked in it?
I completely pissed the attendant off, because my flash went off

Oliver Cromwell

I was captivated by her
'Jeunesses Doree' the gilded youth
Gerald Leslie Brockhurst
the flash went off again, and  I seemed to have been followed around the gallery a lot
the attendants must have been captivated by my hat

Emperor Hadrian and his lover Antinous
Antinous drowned in the River Nile and left Hadrian devastated 

Tea from a flask
Is it the best tea ever?

Chippy chips

I will be linking into Awesome Sacramento  'Gothic'
Today I am dressed in a vague Gothic manner, with fake tan and blood red lips
 it's the Littlest school assembly
their class performs in front of the whole school
and the parents are placed where everyone can see

Littlest asked me so so nicely
not to wear my petticoat, armlets or green cape
So I am going to be as in-offensively Gothic for my child
But I will pose, I am 'The Raven' Edgar Allen Poe

Which coat?
 Don't know

I do like the weird stuff on the bottom right of the picture
I've no idea what it is
I wasn't smoking


If you made it to the end, you need sustenance immediately
a hot drink and a biscuit should revive you 

and I'll see you next week
stay awesome


  1. I'm having a coffee while I read this, so I am fine, thanks.
    Ooh, I like that gallery. Some fab choices to share with us, Sandra; I love both Andromedas (Andromedae?), all chained up and writhing, about to be ravaged by a sea monster... Yeah, nothing sexual going on there, right?! The Bright Young Thing is rather gorgeous, isn't she, and I have a bit of a soft spot for Oliver Cromwell, I think he's much maligned. Flawed, yes, and probably both hero and villain, but the English Civil War is an amazing period of history, I love it.
    Gallery attendants are a bit odd, I think. They seem to believe the exhibits belong to them, and get terribly protective about them. That's their job, I know, but do they have to be so humourless about it? Perhaps the attendants just fancied the pants off you, and hoped you might do an Andromeda and throw all your clothes off. They didn't know about your anti-naturist stance, obviously!
    You look lovely in your Gothic black outfit. Enjoy the assembly. Red cape, red cape!
    Have a great weekend! xxxx

  2. Hello Sandra!

    What a nice gallery you went to this week, the building is wonderful - Mee too taken with Jeunesse Dorée!
    We do have the same problem with gallery attendants around here - Sometimes they look at you like you did something real bad, lol
    Love your Gothic outfit and i'm with Curtise, hope you wore the red cape!

    Have a great weekend


  3. I made a cup of tea before coming to read today's lovely blog posts luckily :)

    I am so envious of your outing, what gorgeous art, I love that Friday has become your art appreciation day and look forward to fututre posts.

    Needless to say, I personally adore your Gothic look - and think the red cape looks gorgeous with your lippy :)

    Have a wonderful weekend dear Sandra xx

  4. I like the brooches on your sweater. What a fun day.


  5. It was not that long Sandra! As I told you, your posts are so much fun! I like coming with you on museum tours! I think you should choose the black coat! Tomorrow I'm linking up with Sacramento too :-)
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  6. The art tour was wonderful, and i love the nude lady picture best ,I think she kind of wonderful.
    The red cape is lovely ,have a good weekend love n kisses Les x

  7. I've seen the Lady Lever on the Tv and rather fancied it. I adore Jeunesse Doree and Andromeda, I'd have them on my walls in a flash! Oliver Cromwell's a relative, very disappointing, i'd much rather have a flashy cavalier than a dull old roundhead.
    Gorgeous in your cape, but gorgeous always! xxx

  8. No sustenance required, I promise! Love your " Art Series" (calling the series "Be a smart arts with Peaches!") and am fascinated by all you saw, especially the nudes (isn't everything always about sex!). Love the gothic get up , but why oh why did your daughter ban the petticoat? XXX

  9. Yay, you went to the Lady Lever! I love that building. Your shot from the balcony takes me right back. We're looking down at a Waterhouse's The Decameron, and nearby is Leighton's The Garden of the Hesperides, (so, yes, lots of sex and sexy and sexiness) but I don't recall seeing Jeunesse Doree. It's lovely!

    It's nice to bring your own tea, but I also LOVE going to cafes at museums. I don't know why.

    Are you up for Manchester next? They have a very good museum with lots of Pre-Raphaelite stuff, too.

  10. And thanks for the shout out!

  11. Men think EVERYTHING is a metaphor for sex!!!!!
    Can't wait till next weeks tour ... go see the crown jewells ... nudge, nudge, wink, wink ;0)

  12. You do look like a very sexy blackbird. Is that a ghost in the corner? Perhaps it followed you home from inside one of the mirrors! Thank you very mush for the art tour. I'm constantly getting busted for pulling out my camera in museums. You would think they would be honored that we want to capture the art! Mmmmm I'm off to grab a cup of tea and a double stuffed Oreo.

  13. Love it! The pieces in the museum are gorgeous and enthralling. What a lovely day out. Also, love the goth outfit, but you could never look evil, luv, you're too cute!

  14. Perfect sweet lady!! Wonderful post! Kissssssssssss

  15. You look amazing & thank you for sharing these photos of the art museum as well, I loved it. What a gorgeous place full of so many stunning paintings. The attendants do get annoyed when flashes go off don't they!?! My camera can switch it back on without me knowing, haha. But, you look wonderful. Have a great weekend. I popped over from Sacramento's blog :) xx

  16. oh my god how beautiful is that jeunesses dorree!!! and i´m happy that friday is still the art day on your blog!
    i also love your gothic version!!!

  17. (; Reb, xoxo.

    *Nuovo post sul mio blog, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:

  18. Thank you for the tour!!! I want MORE, MORE, MORE!!! I am surprised that you can take photos inside, and so glad that you did. I dream of touring galleries, museums and historical places in England and Europe. Now as for the assembly, our kids so need to learn not to tell us what not to do. To me this is a challenge, and a challenge must always be accepted!!

  19. Just adorable, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love you
    Love and sunshine ALWAYS

  20. great post dear!
    i love the dress with the animal print tee!
    have a nice week!

  21. I have never been to the Lady Lever, it looks lovely, may I suggest the Tate next? It's a little more modern, with stuff that makes you look at it and go "WHAT!!! That's art?! Well if only I'd known I'd have been a rich artist by now"

    I am also captivated by Jeunesse Doree. How beautiful!

  22. Great pics and amazing look! Kisses.

  23. Oh man what a cool,place to have a wonder, I about got my eyes poked out with that first gals nips! I think you look adorably gothic! The painting of JD is amazing those eyes!

  24. Wow! What can I say? ... intimidates me! Plots look!
    Amazing photos! I love all of them! :-*
    Great post! I congratulate the ability and talent to curiosity to me!
    I will always be coming back for more: *

    Katherine Unique


  25. Lovelyyy outfits!

    Follow you nowww, follow back please :)
    Besos :)
    by Joyce Blog ♥ // Instagram ♥


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