Friday, 15 May 2015

Profanity alert

Dear Readers,
We have received a call and must go to London next week to film!

Dave is thrilled, 


I have agreed to go on a game show, it will ask me questions based on my general knowledge.  You cannot say 'I don't know'. You have to give an answer, any answer.

This week I spoke to a lovely girl from the show, we discuss my interests.
on the application (oooooh, I remember it all now) I had put that I like wicker baskets and nice things,
my strong points??????? I said I'm hoping to wing it
wing it,
on a game show with very clever people,
on the telly,
to be broadcast to an audience,
wing it.

there are rules over what you can and cannot wear,
which has ruled out most of my wardrobe,

Additionally since giving up smoking I have put weight on, 
my dresses have been game girls and let me get away with it until last week when
  Miss Lilac Polka Dot refused to play. Bugger.

I have given up bread for the foreseeable future.
and cake and other 'unhealthy' things like sugary lovliness,
Not alcohol though, fuck that

Now, I have to have 5 outfit options.
I will also have to colour my hair,
shave, false tan, pluck eyebrows, pack, 
the kids will be at my parents.....more packing

At no point have I thought to pick up a general knowledge quiz book.

Wish me luck Darlings,

I'll be round to visit soon

*thank you for your fabulous comments on my last post, you are gorgeous*



  1. Good luck Sandra I know you will both do well ! Well done on giving up smoking ,and yes sigh ! I must try give up the cakes and sugar bits , trouble is them things are so damm lovely. Have a fab weekend best wishes x

  2. That's so exciting! I remember there being some no-no's regarding colours and prints that don't work on the telly. The trouble is when you're told not to wear something it makes me want to wear it all the more. I can't wait to see you in action.
    Well done on the non-smoking. xxx

  3. So EXCITED for you!!! I hope I will get to see the clip afterwards. You're going to be F***ing Fabulous!

    I curse the person that made sugar so damn tasty!


  4. Hurrah! How exciting. You'll light the fecking screen up and be fabulous. Can't

  5. I can relate to clothes not fitting, I've gained a few myself! No more baking for the foreseeable future! Good luck on the game show, wish I could watch! :)


  6. Great post dear! Kisses Sandra.

  7. I'm potentially as excited as Dave is about this. My favourite quiz show guests are the following;
    a) Guests wearing clothes I covet.
    b) Hilarious guests
    c) Guests who should have read a general knowledge quiz book but totally didn't because they're waxing their moustache.

  8. Ooh, how exciting! I'm sure you'll be just fine, and look fabulous what ever you decide to wear! Good luck!! xx

  9. I'm sure your natural beauty will shine through the shamozzle and the audience will love you as we do!
    This is something to look back on and laugh at. Well done for getting this far.
    In the immortal words of Em Terrible will ace this! Big hugs! xo Jazzy Jack

  10. I like the idea of winging it, I wing it most days and life seems to be going rather fine. I wish I could watch you on the TV you gorgeous woman. It won't matter what you say the viewers will be dazzled by everything that is Peaches McGinty, and you have Dave, the fountain of knowledge at your side. What can go wrong? Wing it but do not swear, that would be my downfall, a string of I cannot fucking remember the answer falling from my lips. Go baby Go!!

  11. wah interesting article, another article in the waiting yes

  12. OMG!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!
    I'm sure you'll be fabulous and if not, then I'm sure you will look fabulous :0)
    I want to watch ... will it be on youtube? If not ... then PUT IT ON YOUTUBE :0)
    YAY ... GO YOU :0))

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  14. you're going to be on the telly! Very exciting. You will look fabulous and hopefully Dave knows stuff . . . Have a great time x

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  16. GOOD LUCK!!! Sandra, your sense of humor, wit and charm are beyond comparison! You'll be a star! All the very very best! xxxxxxx

  17. OMG, that's exciting, Sandra! And nerve-wracking!! I think you're wise not to give up the alcohol. They have rules about what you can wear? Who knew! You'll be marvelous, I know it - you're an exceptionally bright girl. And if you can't think of the proper answer, see comment from Rama Ramadhan above and there you will find the answer. ❤

    You will post it on YouTube for all of us who won't be able to see it over here, right? Please? Pretty please please please? LOL

  18. You're going to be FAMOUS! It all starts here, and I can say I know you, and gain extra Brownie points for being a Friend to the Stars.i am ridiculously excited! Good luck, don't fret about frocks or hair or any of that shit, just be you and enjoy. Oh, and win. Have fun, Sandra! xxxx

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  20. I know it must be nerve racking right now, but somehow I have a feeling you'll be really happy you did, after you get the chance to rest a bit. I love shows like that but I'm so afraid that my mind would freeze...usually I'm like an encyclopedia but when they would ask me question on national TV...well, I'm sure I would be freaking out too in your shoes...but still it is something I would like to do.

    Kudos to you for giving up smoking...I'm sure it will benefit you in the long run. I'm not a smoker but I'm living with one and it is not easy.

    Have a lovely day sweet! Pour yourself a nice glass of wine and take a moment for yourself.

    I will be cheering for you!


  21. How exciting, ahhhhhhhhhhhh and how brave I would be terrified.
    Good luck and tell us all about it.
    I have missed you too
    Tons and tons of love

  22. So exciting Peaches, good luck, have fun! We'll all be cheering for you!

  23. So exciting Peaches, good luck, have fun! We'll all be cheering for you!


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  25. I wing it too, even the tenas have wings! ;-D


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