Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Do you like sprouts?

I rather like them, mushy, tender or roasted, they do have an alarming reaction from others though
My younger 2 find them hideous

To create balance, if you have been disturbed
I give you
Leopard print booties

Christmas Shopping has done this to me
It's a visual representation
a black halo of gloom surrounded by shiny decorations
Christmas shopping seems to eliminate any festive mood I have
Bah Humbug indeed

I did buy wine and chocolates, to soothe my cantankerous mood

half  of the decoration has fell down, I REALLY like it, like a festive pole
perfect for saucy Christmas dancing
if I have to, I will, very carefully
it's nearly the 12 month anniversary of the 'slut drop' I learned last Christmas
my knees were in tatters

cat bitch face
'I think you find, this is MY tree'

'I like shiny'

I rather like my 2 for £3.75 chazza man's jumper and ladies cardigan
my faux-ho-ho collar (previous post) was £3.50
and yes, it was cold

Saturday, we went to a promising Christmas Fair

Apparently it was here

it was ok, kids enjoyed it, I think we were there for 30 minutes
so we went to our park
Historical train stuff 
The first public Railway was from here
(edit; Mr F informs me it ran through here from Liverpool to Manchester, yawn)
Mr F informs me 'yawn' is unfair, he's right

The old grounds to the house

They are so polite, of course one must dance in the Ballroom

never too big for a see-saw

I haven't bought any cards
I haven't finished the shopping
I haven't done a proper clean up
I haven't bought the girls Christmas clothes (Mum & Dad kindly fund this, hurrah parents!!)
I can't find a new fake plait, I'm going for a Frida Kahlo of plaits
I may be in for more training next week
I don't know what has happened to the 'followers' pictures.....where have they gone?

*sigh* it's all quite normal for this time of year really
I have 7 days left
positively ages


I hope you are having a more productive week



  1. love the leopard spotted booties!

    the gfc follower list should put down already in late summer this year - but it didn't happened somehow ... actually hoped they (google) would continue with it. but since today it's gone forever, i suppose. they want us to join google plus. but i really hate google plus, it makes cruisin' through my fav blogs much more time intensive ... bloglovin is ok but i actually don't use it. blogger is horrible this time anyhow. for a few weeks now i'm not able to add links to my link list ... or badges to the side bar anymore. i really don't get it. what i going on?

    1. what a glitch it was! glad it's back though x x x

  2. Hi, Love that 4th photo of your home... It looks so cozy and inviting!!!!! YES--Christmas comes whether we are ready for it or not... I remember the stress I had when my sons were little. These days, LUCKILY, we don't have that kind of stress... Retirement is just awesome---and you will be here someday!!!!! In the meantime, enjoy those gorgeous girls and have a wonderful season.

    Merry Christmas.

    1. Thanks Betsy!
      Christmas is definitely coming! I'm almost organised hehe! x x x

  3. Loving the cat and her tree! The boots are gorgeous and the double jumper look is both fabulous and a bargain.
    Haven't you got an Asian or Caribbean beauty store nearby? Ours have racks of those plaits.
    Sprouts have to be al dente. I had them in a curry once and that was so wrong.
    Cards, shopping, food? Nah. Not even thought about it. xxx

    1. Thanks Vix!
      curried srouts? haha, I can't even imagine what that would do to my stomach!

  4. Except for the plait part I am right there with you. The tree is going up today. It's the 17th for crying out loud! I MUST get it together or my family will toss me to the coyotes. Stood behind a woman in line at the supermarket. She had a squally baby and a boogery nosed toddler. She was buying diapers and a large bottle of vodka. That's what I call holiday spirit!!! Your family seems like so much fun. Cuuuuute boots. Wishing you massive sparkles. Xxxxxooooo

    1. Thanks Connie!
      Oooh, the tree is up, will you take pics? holiday spirit in a bottle is the way forward at the moment hehe! x x x

  5. First of all, your outfits are darling! I love the little gray cardi with the skirt. So precious. Also, your kids look so much like you. It's really adorable. I can see how your style has rubbed off on them. And lastly, the cat in the tree is so hilarious. Bitch-face indeedy.

    1. Thanks Sonia!
      Cookie and the tree is hilarious! she often lays in the branches x x my girls definitely all have their own style! x x x

  6. Righto then ... firstly sprouts ... meh ... I'll take them or leave them ... usually leave them if the truth be known.
    Love the leopard print boots ... but I lose anything that resembles a heel as soon as I get in the front door ... so now I'm imagining you doing the housework in stilettos.
    Can't wait to see the photos of you dirty dancing around the festive pole ... so that's what Mr Foxy is getting for Christmas.
    Finally ... see-saws are all well and good ... until you ride one with someone twice your size ... then it's just a lesson in vertigo.
    Google has stolen my followers too ... what a grinchy thing to do right before Christmas.

    1. Thanks Jo!
      we have everything back to normal again hurrah! I'm practising in my heels again and I'll try and protect you from unseemly pics of me dancing, you will never recover!! x x x

  7. I'm pretty "meh" about Christmas, but I do so love living vicariously through others' celebration preparations, decorating, cooking, baking, shopping. I just don't want to do any of it myself ... I know, I'm terrible. This year I'm obsessed about cats in Christmas trees. Your cat pics are amazing and I love your decorations! Your girls are gorgeous in their stylish coats and you my dear are looking scrumptious in your cape-jacket! xoxo

    1. Thanks Desiree!
      I think you are on to something, I think I could happily live vicariously through others too! cats in trees are gorgeous, my older cat is having nothing to do with it x x x

  8. I'm definitely not a fan of sprouts. Yuck! I avoid them every year! I still haven't written all my Christmas cards yet, but I've finally got all my wrapping done and went out and sent my parcels today. I feel so disorganised this year, though! It seems like most people are feeling the same. I can't believe you have those streamers / garlandy things up in your house; I've not seen anybody else embrace them for so long! We used to put them up every year but my Mum can't be arsed with them anymore. Haha. The sister still puts hers up, though but I've not seen them anywear to buy in years! Love the boots and the khaki cardi. The cape I absolutely love! And your collection of plaits is amazing! :) xx

    1. Thanks Louise!
      You'll get there and be sorted! the garlands are sparkly nonsense, my favourite type haha! the plaits are a liberating thing, my 'hair' has never been so easy! x x x

  9. Brussels with a roast I can do, smothered in gravy mind. I own animal print boots very similar, we must be twins, obvious really. Dancing in any ballroom is a definite must, well done Mr F. Christmas you say, what is this thing you speak of?? I haven't done a thing and wondering if I continue to ignore it, maybe it will go away or I will be in a mad panic on the eve!!!

    1. Thanks Twinny!
      sprouts in gravy, love it! I'm coming over in a minute to see what you are upto, apparently Christmas is definitely coming!! haha! it's always a panic here on the eve too x x x

  10. There are never enough hours in the day!

    I like sprouts.

    The cat peeking out of the tree is so funny! I love it! :)

    I wish yourself, your funky boots and your beautiful family a merry Christmas xx

    1. Thanks Yvonne!
      yay for sprouts and cheeky cats, and I wish you and your family a wonderful and Merry Christmas too x x x my boots say thank you too! x x x

  11. yeah, as i can see, your list of of followers is back to the sidebar as well. thanks blogger! :)

    aaah, i really love your little yellow jacket. it's a great piece!

    1. Thank you!
      yes! it all got sorted, phew! x x x

  12. Snigger the best decorations are the furry monster ones.......every cat around the world must love this time if year........we will put up the ultimate I play things just for them.
    Your new booties are fabulous........and I do love your wee mustard cape.
    Sending Xmas happiness to you sweet.love v

    1. Thanks V!
      It seems I have a very playful menace of a cat and a mellow older cat who would rather sleep somewhere warm and comfy! I wish you and Warren a Wonderful and Merry Christmas x x x

  13. One of our cats spent most of last Christmas in the tree - he's twice the size this year, so it will be interesting to see if he knocks the bloody thing over if he tries it again!
    Sprouts, wine and chocolate, slut drops and a festive pole? It's all going on at your house.
    Your gilrs might not be too old for a seesaw, but their faces aren't really showing the seesaw love, you have to admit... More "Muuuuuum, do you HAVE to take a photo?"
    Come on you - find some more fake plaits and get some wrapping done! xxx

    1. Thanks Curtise!
      you will have to let us know if your cat attempts the tree run! and yes, the girls are not looking the least bit pleased - wrapping has started and I have a new plait hurrah! finally getting my arse into gear! x x x

  14. I love sprouts. Especially roasted. With a bit of honey and black pepper. Mmm can't wait till sprouts day.

    Ha the cat in the tree is tree-mendous.

    I'm liking the idea of plaits. Worry I might look a bit milkmaid/bar wench esque with them though.

    Your house is decorated lovely. It looks fab so cosy xxx

    1. Thanks Roxanne!
      I haven't tried them with honey, sounds yum - the plaits are a little milkmaid-ish, but it's liberating not having to do my hair! x x x

  15. I love sprouts... :)
    I hope its ok, that I'm dropping by unannounced... love your blog!


    1. Hi there and thank-you!
      you are welcome here any time! it's lovely you came along, I'm popping over to yours! x x x

  16. cool decoration!
    Feliz Navidad!

    1. Thank you and Feliz Navidad to you too! (I looked it up!) x x x

  17. Yes Christmas has come round so fast Sandra, love all your outfits a lovely post.
    Love Les xxx

    1. Thanks Lesley!
      It's come round so quick I'm spinning, I'm nearly done though, hope you are too x x x

  18. wow you have the best ornaments for your christmastree, especially the black and white furry one haha my cats love my christmastrees too;) i had 3 but since saturday i only have 2 left;)
    i love your mustard jacket and blue skirt! you look beautiful in it!
    wish you merry christmas!
    love and kiss,mary


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