Wednesday, 14 May 2014

In a small corner

We have sunshine! and I have a shift booked off on Thursday! which means I will have 4 days off, I feel like I'm on my jollies! (jollies - jolly holiday, woop!)

Natalia's Borscht Recipe
(I made a vegetarian one, I'm not vegetarian, but I don't eat meat a lot)
it was also my lunch for work on Sunday
my carrot to beetroot ratio was out
which is why it is orange
but oh my goodness
It was delicious

I rather like this top/dress
chazzed for £4.99

I reclaimed 'the jeggings'
I want a raggedy edge,
 good job really as my hemming skills are atrocious

Missy wants a full room makeover for her birthday
she will be 13 next month, I'll be decorating the room *groan* 
but in a tiny corner in her room lies this

Our house was built in 1938
I really don't know if this is original
but it looks it
it's gorgeous 
and will stay untouched

Fake hair and fake gems
I couldn't be happier!
I've been sewing them on to a few of my cardi's
if I wiggle in a good light I'm like a mobile disco ball

I love earrings
these earrings lasted about 1 minute and 12 seconds
my ears don't like earrings at all
my Mum pierced my ears when I was 7
it was the old fashioned method
a darning needle and ice
ice to numb the ear 
the needle to pierce, 
it wasn't a problem at all, it was much worse for my poor Mum though

Our posh greenhouse
the kids are growing things

A bit of a petticoat is my new favourite accessory
Sue and Helga are The Queens of the Cheeky Petticoat 

Extra hair is a bit like central heating on the head

I love The Eurovision Song Contest

The Winner
Austria - Conchita Wurst
So Bond 

Have a wonderful week!
see you all soon



  1. Gorgeous photographs, I do love the wallpaper and flooring you've discovered, I'd defnintely keep them too.

    I actually watched the Eurovision this year, I loved Sweden's entry and think Austria's Conchita should definitely release a Bond track.

    Loving the cheeky petticoat showing at your hem.

    Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine xx

  2. Hello Sandra,
    Well, this is definitely a first for us.......beetroot soup that looks orange. Still, as long as the taste is good, that is really all that matters.

    Your idea of vamping up your cardigans with jewels is a brilliant one. No doubt you dazzle wherever you go in them. What fun! This could be a tip that you pass on to HM The Queen. After all, she must have plenty of sparkly things going spare and sometimes her clothes do look rather dull. Just a quick whisper in the royal ear and, surely, a Damehood will be yours in the next honours list. Well, you would get our vote.

    May the sunshine continue on your fledgling seedlings!

  3. Hi Sandra!
    We discoverd interesting things when our 100 year house was renovated.
    No sunshine here but warm temperatures
    Love the petitocoat idea, very pretty
    It seems that you are the official decorator in your house?
    Eurovision i think a few Canadians if I'm not mistaken have won the Eurovision Contest -

    Have a great day



  4. Ha, Ariane is thinking of Celine Dion representing Switzerland in the 1980s, I reckon! I didn't watch Eurovision, and to be honest, that song is just overblown cabaret, but hey, I like a drag queen so good luck to her!
    Ooh, look at you with magic hair like a Tressy doll, doesn't it look fab! Petticoats and extra bling, chiffon tops and orange borscht, 1930s corners and seedlings, it's all going on at your house! Four days off? That definitely constitutes jollies! xxxx

  5. I really enjoyed going through all your pictures and the comments. Thank you.

  6. I like your customised cardies! I'm doing that to one of mine at the moment, actually, covering all the moth holes with hearts (I thought hearts would be a nice simple shape but it turns out they're a bugger to get even-shaped!)

    I *need* a frilly petticoat. And your long wig is very pretty on you! (and I've fixed my commenting issues, yay!)

  7. The borscht looks delish! I just love that old wallpaper and the floor - is in linoleum? Yes, you are required to keep it. I hope Missy won't mind.

    The black drapey top is cute with the jegging, and I'm going to have to do some of your buttons and bows on my things - great idea!

  8. I love the little hidden things in old houses. The newer houses are usually so bland. But what is not bland is Sandra in her flowered dress and apricot cardi. I swear you look like a movie STAR!!!!!! Sparkles for you always.

  9. Oh, that flooring and wallpaper! Those are definitely keepers. :)

    I love that little black cardi with the fake gems - looks fantastic with the dress!

  10. So much to see, your orange borscht, lovely floaty top with your jeggings, upcycyled cardi, fab frock with cheeky lace slip. Four days off sounds good to me.

  11. That wallpaper looks like the real deal to me, how gorgeous! Talking of gorgeous I'm loving the hair and the flouncy, floaty thing. I used to live in tatty cut-offs like yours for years, why don't I still? I think I need to make myself a pair, they're ace! xxxx

  12. Looking great, Sandra! (Borscht too - who said it has to be red?) Love how you customized a few pieces and love seeing all the creativity flows from you!! You look gorgeous in every single outfit!

    I think you are right and the things that you discovered are original, it seems so. Our house is similar age (a bit older though - build in 1926 I believe, and then was added on), and a lot of things stay original. I love old stuff. :)

    4 days off seems perfect! I wish you to have a wonderful little vacation, dear friend! Hugs!

  13. Oh how I'd love to live in an old house... I grew up in a house built in the '40's ---and loved that house.. When I was a child, I thought it was HUGE ---but when I grew up and left home and then came back, I was surprised that it was as small as it was.... When Mama sold the house, I cried... BUT--when I went back to my hometown and saw 'my' home now ---I was shocked. The people who had bought it had totally changed it... I barely recognized it. I was devastated.... Oh Well--life goes on.

    Great group of photos... Love the wallpaper.... Good Luck with the room make-over.


  14. Oh that borscht looks so yummy!! So do you! I love the fake hair; it looks really great on you. And that flirty black dress with your raggedy jeggings and that pretty dress. I used to wear petticoats in the eighties. I can't bring myself to wear them now but I love a bit of lace showing. Have I mentioned that you have eyebrows to die for? Really I am mesmerised by them every time. You are so pretty but oh those eyebrows!

  15. Wow ... fake hair ... love it! Blinged up cardis ... love them! Four day weekends ... yep love them too!
    What a fab find in Missy's room ... we are the original owners of our house ... so no secrets to be discovered ... unless the builders left us a surprise somewhere. You'll definitely have to keep it somehow. Master 14 wants a room redo too ... seems he's not happy with a room full of lego, soft toys and a car mat that's been on the floor since he was 1. There's just no pleasing some people ;0)

  16. I love your outfit with the coral cardi on- so pretty! The black blouse / dress is gorgeous, too. I can't imagine getting your ears pierced the old fashioned way was much fun; it's always sounded so painful. I was 12 when I got mine done, but I still forget to put earrings in most days. Lol. xx

  17. Ah, pretty wallpaper and a stenciled floor -- whatever went wrong with the word 'pretty'? Pretty hair, pretty eyebrows and lipstick! Pretty cardis and pretty lacy petticoats! Thank you for all the pretties!

    For a minute of determined feminine prettiness, do investigate Deanna Durbin on YouTube, especially her Nesum Dorma (in English! yes, and one knows it's not a girly song either...).

  18. Eeep! Nessun, not nesum. It's late here in the Hoosier Hinterlands...

  19. I've seen lots of pics floating a round on the internet of the Euro winner, but never looked any further! What a mistake! What a voice!
    You look rather gorge with the extra hair :D xx

  20. I am loving all that extra hair and the petticoat you little spunk muffin you. You are the inspiration behind my cardy pimping so I blame you!! You will be having the same four days off that I always have, which must mean I am on my joliies every weekend!! Excellent news to me. Have fun doing whatever spins floats your boat!

  21. I like your extras ,hair and shiny things on the cardi and litte bows! Very creative! I'm thinking about petticoats too. Everything seems so short these days!

  22. Fake or not, long hair suits. Im also not sure what I like more - new clothes or food, every time I see pics of food on blogs I feel hungry immediately ;)

  23. That little piece of lino and wallpaper are FAB!!!!! I love the floaty top too.

  24. Your posts are like a little ray of sunshine on an often crappy Scottish day!! I blummin love your cardi, think the petticoat is veeery cheeky and having made borscht myself a million years ago, you've got my mouth watering, I bet it was gorgeous! x

  25. You cutie, I love that frock, and a bit of peeping petticoat makes ME jolly lolly!! The sparkles are terrific, I think I need some in my life.
    Gawd, yes, that floor, that wall! Heavenly! Looks original, but who can say?!
    Your borscht looks scrummy. I have a Russian born friend who keeps taunting me about her family recipe, but she's yet to make it for me!

  26. Absolutely love all your posts, I need more time to enjoy them, you are always so full of energy, full of projects (love cardi ideas) and smiles. I am quite surprised (pleasantly) with your finding in your home, so fun! Of course, you look great with added hair ... reminds me of the movie stars of 60s. Lot of kisses, dear doll!

  27. I never use beetroot for cooking, I mean I slice and have it seasoned like a salad... Those hair extensions are well made, and the same colour of your real hair, super! The black blouse is fab! How are you going to make over your Missy's room? Your tapestry doesn't look that old, incredible! It's dainty and beautiful!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  28. totally missed the eurovision this year. i used to watch it with my best friend and his husband ... conchita wurst. what a name (wurst is the german name for sausage)

  29. oooooh I loooove me some fake hair!!

  30. The room is lovely, I really like discovering things like that! I'm loving the hair extensions, what sort are they sew in? Clip in? Or did your hair just grow really really fast! ;) I didn't watch Eurovision this year... Shame on me xx

  31. Love the long hair on you ! , myself and Mr M always watch Eurovision, great song , just can't get my head around the beard and long hair look lol!!! best wishes xxx

  32. I think I'm going to chop off all my maternity pants and have ragged-edge shorts for the summer. Ragged-edged ladies unite!


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